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The fido fido Fairytale

Live Unleashed

fido fido Dog Daycare & Boarding was launched in May 2006 by father and daughter team Sylman and Marea. Marea left the corporate world to pursue her dream to create a home-away-from-home for discerning dog owners who treat their pets like family members. As a dog owner herself, she saw a need for a place that catered to the unique needs of the clients as well as the canine guests.

From the very beginning, she enlisted the help of her father, who came out of retirement to assist her in getting started. What started as a temporary endeavor for him, turned into the adventure of a lifetime! Thanks to fabulous clients and an amazing staff we have grown into an award-winning hotel, daycare and spa for the best dogs in the Atlanta-area. We invite you to experience the difference and join our fairytale!

Live Unleashed

Fido is derived from the Latin word that means faithful and trusted. No wonder it has been used over the years to describe dogs. Thus, fido fido Dog Daycare and Boarding was born. We hope you’ll join our fairytale.

The fido fido Promise

fido fido specializes in making dogs smile. We offer a variety of services that cater to the individual whose dog is family and a priority.

fido fido understands that although you live your life on the go — you don’t want your dog to go without. Knowing your dog is happy and loved when in our care just makes life easier. We offer small, monitored play groups, made up of carefully screened dogs just like your own, so that your dog does not get lost in the crowd.

fido fido will provide a fun, safe place for happy, well-adjusted dogs to lounge and play during the day and to sleepover while their owners are away.

fido fido will be unsurpassed in our commitment to safety, cleanliness and personal service. We will know your dog’s likes and dislikes, habits, eccentricities and favorite ways to be loved.

fido fido will be run with high standards in every aspect of the business, from the way we treat our guests and their owners, to the vendors we work with to the people we employ. Honesty, integrity and fairness will be our guiding principles.

fido fido is peace of mind and the best care for your dog.

The fido fido Mission

fido fido’s mission is to combine stellar customer service with an eye for the personal care of each dog to become one of the most trusted and loved businesses in the Atlanta metro area.

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