First Day Check List

First Day Check List

The first day at fido fido is a very exciting time for your dog. If you have the chance, it is a good idea to walk him before you bring him in to burn off some of his nervous energy. This is important because too much nervous energy can over-excite the other dogs that he will be meeting for the first time and you want him to make a good first impression! Upon dropping your dog off and when you pick him up, refrain from overt displays of emotion. It is natural to want to make a big fuss because you want your dog to know how much you love him. However, intense emotions at these times will only make your dog more nervous and can contribute to separation anxiety. Here’s how to prepare for the first day:

  1. Arrange a tour so you can meet us and see the facility. Please don’t bring your dog on this occasion.
  2. Please call in advance to schedule your dog’s evaluation day. Plan to leave him at least five hours for observation and evaluation.
  3. Complete a registration form and fax to us prior to his first day.
  4. Fax your dog’s vaccination records to us prior to his first day.
  5. Make sure your dog is flea-free and currently on an oral or topical flea preventative.
  6. On the day of his first visit, bring him in on a leash and with a standard collar. Please take off any electric fence or choke collars. Also, please leave expensive collars at home. We do not need his tags, so if possible leave them at home to avoid the possibility that they will come off in playgroup and be lost.
  7. Bring his favorite treats in a baggie or small container clearly labeled with his name. Please let the front desk staff know how many treats should be given and if you want any returned.
  8. Please let the front desk staff know if your dog has had any recent medical conditions or allergies.
  9. Please do not bring toys, bedding, bowls, scoops or large containers of food or treats.
  10. Relax and know that your dog is in good hands!

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