First Time Boarding Check List

First Time Boarding Check List

At fido fido, boarding your dog is a natural extension of our popular daycare program. Each evening, after a full day of play, your dog will be escorted to his suite for dinner and bedtime. We provide clean, comfortable bedding in all rooms as well as personal food and water dishes. Our primary goal is to make sure your dog feels at home, so please let us know upon check in if there are any services you would like us to provide. Although leaving your pet for any period of time can be sad, rest assured that your dog’s stay at fido fido is a playcation like no other. From nature walks to in-room massages, we aim to please. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for your dog’s overnight visit:

  1. Please call in advance to schedule your dog for a boarding visit. While we can sometimes accommodate current client walk-ins during non-holiday periods, we want to make sure we are prepared for your dog’s arrival.
  2. Allow yourself enough time on the day of drop off to fill out a check in form. If you know you will be in a hurry, you may complete the check in form over the phone with a Front Desk Associate or online prior to your visit. Please let us know if your dog has had any recent medical conditions or has allergies.
  3. Please be sure your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date or we will be able to allow entry.
  4. If your dog is taking medications, remember to bring them in the original bottle. We will need to know specific instructions for administering them as well as what they are for.
  5. Make sure your dog is flea-free and currently on an oral or topical flea preventative.
  6. Bring your dog in on a leash and with a standard collar. Please leave any electric fence, choke or expensive collars at home—as well as tags.
  7. Bring his favorite treats in a baggie or small container clearly labeled with his name. Please let us know how many treats should be given and if you want any returned.
  8. Please refrain from bringing toys, bedding or bowls. If you do bring them, please make sure they are clearly labeled with your dog’s first and last name or initials. Remember, we are not responsible for any lost or damaged belongings.
  9. Please do not bring large containers of food or treats because we have limited space.
  10. Please do not bring food scoops. We will need you to tell us the standard measurement of food your dog requires per feeding. “My dog free-feeds,” is not specific enough. Or, you may pre-measure your dog’s food into individual baggies for each feeding. Please be sure to label each one with your dog’s name.
  11. Feel free to call and check on your dog! We look forward to a fun-filled visit!

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