• We require every dog to currently be on a flea preventative. A one dose flea treatment, Capstar. is available at a small fee prior to check out to ensure your dog goes home flea-free.
  • Medication administration is $15 per visit, up to seven days of boarding. Each additional day after the first week of boarding is $2.00.
  • A special needs fee of $15 per visit will be assessed for any dogs requiring special care.
  • All dogs must be current on vaccinations and proof of vaccinations are required. Bordetella must be given within the last 6 months prior to boarding or daycare. Dogs must be in good health and have not been ill with any communicable diseases within 30 days of boarding or daycare.
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered over 6 months of age.


  • Check out is 12 PM noon weekdays. Guests that check out from boarding after 12 PM noon, M·F will be assessed the daycare rate of $25 or may charge their daycare pass. Free check out on Saturday is between 8 AM and 10 AM. Guests checking out 4 PM to 6 PM Saturday or Sunday will be assessed the daycare rate of $25.
  • Late pick ups (15 minute grace period) will be assessed at S25 in addition to existing fees
  • Our hours are posted at fido fido and on our web site for your convenience.
  • Our doors are locked and closed to the public on Thanksgiving, Christmas. New Year’s Day, Labor Day. Memorial Day. Easter and July 4th. No pets may be picked up or dropped off. Dogs that are boarding during holidays will receive daycare.


  • We do not send dirty dogs home. An exit bath is encouraged after 3 nights boarding. We reserve the right to give your dog a bath at your expense if we deem necessary.
  • Due to lack of storage space for big bags, we encourage you to bring pet food in zip-locked bags, pre-portioned for each meal. House food is available, but additional for Standard Suites.
  • We provide clean, comfy bedding & blankets for all boarders. If you decide to bring your own, it must be machine washable and labeled fido fido is not responsible for lost or damaged bedding or toys. For safety, only durable toys that your dog will not chew into pieces are allowed.


    • 72 hours (3 days) holiday cancellation notice required to avoid $100.00 fee. 72 hours is calculated from the first scheduled day of boarding.
    • Fees for all services are due and payable when your pet is picked up. If you have made arrangements for someone else to pick up your dog, you must leave a credit card on file. The pet will only be released to the owner unless prior arrangements have been made.


  • Owner is responsible for the behavior of his/her dog. Any costs that result from an injury caused by owner’s pet to any humans or other dogs on fido fido‘s premises will be billed to the owner. fido fido is not financially responsible for such expenses. Owner understands that the pet is in an environment where other pets are located together in a social atmosphere .


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