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Daycare Service

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Our Daycare Service

Taking good care of the modern dog means a lot more than it used to mean! Proper exercise, positive socialization with other dogs and overall mental stimulation has proven to be the key to a healthy and happy pet. fido fido’s daycare program is designed to provide non-aggressive dogs with a safe, fun place to be a dog. Our indoor/outdoor play yards are the center of action—giving your dog the physical activity and pack interaction he craves. Our attentive staff monitors the play groups which are divided based on the size and temperament of the dogs in our care. Your dog’s safety and wellbeing are our first priority. We recommend regular daycare attendance for your dog to receive the full benefits.

Daily Rates

Daily Group Daycare Rates per Dog
Full Day: $30
Partial Day (Up to 4 hours): $18

*No daycare drop-offs on holidays. Please call for availability for daycare immediately before and after holidays.

**Non-holiday out of hours pick-ups or drop-offs are $25 after grace period and must be arranged in advance. We do not guarantee that we can accommodate these requests.

Pre-paid Daycare PackagesConsider one of our pre-paid daycare packages for the best value. Passes are good for one year from date of purchase and can be used for more than one dog from the same household. Socialization is a skill that can be lost without practice. Regular exposure to a canine pack is important for your dog’s well being. Consistency is the key when considering a daycare schedule for your pet. Whether it is several days a week or every other week—your dog will thank you!
Daycare Packages
Pre-paid Package Regular Price Package Price
10 Day Pass $300  $260
20 Day Pass $600 $480
30 Day Pass $900 $660


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