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Customized Baths
All baths now include ear-cleaning, nail trim and anal gland expression if necessary. We don’t do trimming, shaving or haircuts. Bath prices are based on weight and condition of coat. Please consult with bather. Starting At
Under 10 lbs   $30 & up
10 lbs-25 lbs   $40 & up
26 lbs-70 lbs   $50 & up
71 lbs-100 lbs $60 & up
Over 100 lbs   $70 & up

- Dogs in for Spa Services only must be picked up within 30 minutes of our call letting you know your dog is ready. Phone messages apply. Hourly daycare rates will apply after that time.

Special Spa Services

All services below are add-ons to the customized bath services listed above.

Deshedding Treatment $25
Special Handling $15
Dematting Starting at $10
Teeth Brushing $15
Pawdicure $20
Brush out Starting at $15
Ultra-Conditioning Treatment $8
bath add-on
Itch Relief $15
Flea Treatment $15
Ear Treatment $10
Anal Expression $10
Odor Ban Collar  $3

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